pyiron.base.server.runmode module

Runmode class defines the different modes a pyiron job can be executed in

class pyiron.base.server.runmode.Runmode(mode='modal')[source]

Bases: object

Run mode describes how the job is going to be executed: - modal: the interactive run mode - non_modal: sending the job to the background on the same machine - queue: submit the job to the queuing system - manual: let the user manually execute the job - thread: internal job mode, which is selected when the master job is send to the queue. - interactive: the interactive run mode :param mode: [‘modal’, ‘non_modal’, ‘queue’, ‘manual’, ‘thread’, ‘interactive’] :type mode: str

property mode

Get the run_mode of the job :returns: [‘modal’, ‘non_modal’, ‘queue’, ‘manual’, ‘thread’, ‘interactive’] :rtype: str