pyiron.base.job.jobtype module

class pyiron.base.job.jobtype.JobType[source]

Bases: object

The JobTypeBase class creates a new object of a given class type.

static convert_str_to_class(job_class_dict, class_name)[source]

convert the name of a class to the corresponding class object - only for pyiron internal classes.

  • job_class_dict (dict) –
  • class_name (str) –

Return type:


class pyiron.base.job.jobtype.JobTypeChoice[source]

Bases: object

Helper class to choose the job type directly from the project, autocompletion is enabled by overwriting the __dir__() function.

class pyiron.base.job.jobtype.Singleton[source]

Bases: type

Implemented with suggestions from