Source code for pyiron.sphinx.volumetric_data

# coding: utf-8
# Copyright (c) Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH - Computational Materials Design (CM) Department
# Distributed under the terms of "New BSD License", see the LICENSE file.

import numpy as np
import scipy
from import netcdf_file
import os
from pyiron_base import Settings
from pyiron.atomistics.volumetric.generic import VolumetricData

__author__ = "Sudarsan Surendralal"
__copyright__ = (
    "Copyright 2020, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH - "
    "Computational Materials Design (CM) Department"
__version__ = "1.0"
__maintainer__ = "Sudarsan Surendralal"
__email__ = ""
__status__ = "production"
__date__ = "Sep 1, 2017"

    scipy.constants.physical_constants["Bohr radius"][0] /

[docs]class SphinxVolumetricData(VolumetricData): """ General class for parsing and manipulating volumetric static within Sphinx. The basic idea of the Base class is adapted from the pymatgen vasp VolumetricData class: """ def __init__(self): super(SphinxVolumetricData, self).__init__() self.atoms = None self._diff_data = None self._total_data = None
[docs] def from_file(self, filename, normalize=True): """ Parses volumetric data from a sphinx binary (.sxb) file. Args: filename (str): Path of file to parse normalize (boolean): Flag to normalize by the volume of the cell """ try: vol_data_list = self._read_vol_data( filename=filename, normalize=normalize ) except (ValueError, IndexError, TypeError): raise ValueError("Unable to parse file: {}".format(filename)) self._total_data = vol_data_list[0] if len(vol_data_list) == 2: self._total_data = vol_data_list[0] + vol_data_list[1] self._diff_data = vol_data_list[0] - vol_data_list[1]
@staticmethod def _read_vol_data(filename, normalize=True): """ Parses the Sphinx volumetric data files (rho.sxb and vElStat-eV.sxb). Args: filename (str): File to be parsed normalize (bool): Normalize the data with respect to the volume (probably sensible for rho) Returns: list: A list of the volumetric data (length >1 for density files with spin) """ if not os.path.getsize(filename) > 0: s = Settings() s.logger.warning("File:" + filename + "seems to be empty! ") return None, None with netcdf_file(filename, mmap=False) as f: dim = [int(d) for d in f.variables["dim"]] volume = 1.0 if normalize: cell = f.variables["cell"].data * BOHR_TO_ANGSTROM volume = np.abs(np.linalg.det(cell)) if "mesh" in f.variables: # non-spin polarized total_data_list = [ np.array(f.variables["mesh"][:]).reshape(dim) / volume ] elif "mesh-0" in f.variables and "mesh-1" in f.variables: # spin-polarized total_data_list = [ np.array(f.variables["mesh-0"][:]).reshape(dim) / volume, np.array(f.variables["mesh-1"][:]).reshape(dim) / volume ] else: raise ValueError( "Unexpected keys in the netcdf file's variables: neither " f"'mesh' nor 'mesh-0' and 'mesh-1' found in {f.variables}." ) if len(total_data_list) == 0: s = Settings() s.logger.warning( "File:" + filename + "seems to be corrupted/empty even after parsing!" ) return None return total_data_list @property def total_data(self): """ numpy.ndarray: Total volumtric data (3D) """ return self._total_data @total_data.setter def total_data(self, val): self._total_data = val @property def diff_data(self): """ numpy.ndarray: Volumtric difference data (3D) """ return self._diff_data @diff_data.setter def diff_data(self, val): self._diff_data = val
[docs] def to_hdf(self, hdf5, group_name="volumetric_data"): """ Writes the data as a group to a HDF5 file Args: hdf5 (pyiron_base.generic.hdfio.ProjectHDFio): The HDF file/path to write the data group_name (str): The name of the group under which the data must be stored """ with as hdf_vd: hdf_vd["TYPE"] = str(type(self)) hdf_vd["total"] = self.total_data if self.diff_data is not None: hdf_vd["diff"] = self.diff_data
[docs] def from_hdf(self, hdf5, group_name="volumetric_data"): """ Extract a VolumetricData instance from an HDF5 file. Args: hdf5 (pyiron_base.generic.hdfio.ProjectHDFio): The HDF file/path to read the data group_name (str): The name of the group under which the data have been stored Returns: pyiron.atomistics.volumetric.generic.VolumetricData: The VolumetricData instance """ with as hdf_vd: self._total_data = hdf_vd["total"] if len(self._total_data) == 2: self.is_spin_polarized = True if "diff" in hdf_vd.list_nodes(): self._diff_data = hdf_vd["diff"]