Source code for pyiron.sphinx.potential

# coding: utf-8
# Copyright (c) Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH - Computational Materials Design (CM) Department
# Distributed under the terms of "New BSD License", see the LICENSE file.

import os
import pandas
from pyiron_base import Settings
from pyiron.vasp.potential import VaspPotentialAbstract, find_potential_file_base

__author__ = "Osamu Waseda"
__copyright__ = (
    "Copyright 2019, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH - "
    "Computational Materials Design (CM) Department"
__version__ = "1.0"
__maintainer__ = "Osamu Waseda"
__email__ = ""
__status__ = "development"
__date__ = "Sep 20, 2019"

s = Settings()

[docs]class SphinxJTHPotentialFile(VaspPotentialAbstract): """ The Potential class is derived from the PotentialAbstract class, but instead of loading the potentials from a list, the potentials are loaded from a file. Args: xc (str): Exchange correlation functional ['PBE', 'LDA'] """ def __init__(self, xc=None, selected_atoms=None): potential_df = self._get_potential_df( plugin_name="sphinx", file_name_lst={"potentials_sphinx.csv"}, backward_compatibility_name="sphinxpotentials", ) if xc == "PBE": default_df = self._get_potential_default_df( plugin_name="sphinx", file_name_lst={"potentials_sphinx_jth_default.csv"}, backward_compatibility_name="defaultsphinxjth", ) potential_df = potential_df[(potential_df["Model"] == "jth-gga-pbe")] else: raise ValueError( 'The exchange correlation functional has to be set and it can either be "LDA" or "PBE"' ) super(SphinxJTHPotentialFile, self).__init__( potential_df=potential_df, default_df=default_df, selected_atoms=selected_atoms, )
[docs] def add_new_element(self, parent_element, new_element): """ Adding a new user defined element with a different POTCAR file. It is assumed that the file exists Args: parent_element (str): Parent element new_element (str): Name of the new element (the name of the folder where the new POTCAR file exists """ ds = self.find_default(element=parent_element) ds["Species"].values[0][0] = new_element path_list = ds["Filename"].values[0][0].split("/") path_list[-2] = new_element name_list = ds["Name"].values[0].split("-") name_list[0] = new_element ds["Name"].values[0] = "-".join(name_list) ds["Filename"].values[0][0] = "/".join(path_list) self._potential_df = self._potential_df.append(ds) ds = pandas.Series() = new_element ds["Name"] = "-".join(name_list) self._default_df = self._default_df.append(ds)
[docs]def find_potential_file(path): env = os.environ resource_path_lst = s.resource_paths for conda_var in ["CONDA_PREFIX", "CONDA_DIR"]: if conda_var in env.keys(): # support sphinx-data package resource_path_lst += [os.path.join(os.environ[conda_var], "share", "sphinxdft")] return find_potential_file_base( path=path, resource_path_lst=resource_path_lst, rel_path=os.path.join("sphinx", "potentials") )