Source code for pyiron.project

# coding: utf-8
# Copyright (c) Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH - Computational Materials Design (CM) Department
# Distributed under the terms of "New BSD License", see the LICENSE file.

from __future__ import print_function
import os
import posixpath
from string import punctuation
from shutil import copyfile
from pyiron_base import Settings, ProjectHDFio, JobType, JobTypeChoice, Project as ProjectCore
    from pyiron_base import ProjectGUI
except (ImportError, TypeError, AttributeError):
from pyiron.atomistics.generic.object_type import ObjectType, ObjectTypeChoice
from pyiron.atomistics.structure.periodic_table import PeriodicTable
from pyiron.lammps.potential import LammpsPotentialFile
from pyiron.vasp.potential import VaspPotential
import pyiron.atomistics.structure.pyironase as ase
from pyiron.atomistics.structure.atoms import Atoms
from pyiron.atomistics.structure.generator import create_surface, create_ase_bulk, create_structure
from pyiron.atomistics.master.parallel import pipe

__author__ = "Joerg Neugebauer, Jan Janssen"
__copyright__ = (
    "Copyright 2020, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH - "
    "Computational Materials Design (CM) Department"
__version__ = "1.0"
__maintainer__ = "Jan Janssen"
__email__ = ""
__status__ = "production"
__date__ = "Sep 1, 2017"

if not (isinstance(ase.__file__, str)):
    raise AssertionError()

s = Settings()

[docs]class Project(ProjectCore): """ The project is the central class in pyiron, all other objects can be created from the project object. Args: path (GenericPath, str): path of the project defined by GenericPath, absolute or relative (with respect to current working directory) path user (str): current pyiron user sql_query (str): SQL query to only select a subset of the existing jobs within the current project default_working_directory (bool): Access default working directory, for ScriptJobs this equals the project directory of the ScriptJob for regular projects it falls back to the current directory. Attributes: .. attribute:: root_path the pyiron user directory, defined in the .pyiron configuration .. attribute:: project_path the relative path of the current project / folder starting from the root path of the pyiron user directory .. attribute:: path the absolute path of the current project / folder .. attribute:: base_name the name of the current project / folder .. attribute:: history previously opened projects / folders .. attribute:: parent_group parent project - one level above the current project .. attribute:: user current unix/linux/windows user who is running pyiron .. attribute:: sql_query an SQL query to limit the jobs within the project to a subset which matches the SQL query. .. attribute:: db connection to the SQL database .. attribute:: job_type Job Type object with all the available job types: ['StructureContainer’, ‘StructurePipeline’, ‘AtomisticExampleJob’, ‘ExampleJob’, ‘Lammps’, ‘KMC’, ‘Sphinx’, ‘Vasp’, ‘GenericMaster’, ‘SerialMaster’, ‘AtomisticSerialMaster’, ‘ParallelMaster’, ‘KmcMaster’, ‘ThermoLambdaMaster’, ‘RandomSeedMaster’, ‘MeamFit’, ‘Murnaghan’, ‘MinimizeMurnaghan’, ‘ElasticMatrix’, ‘ConvergenceVolume’, ‘ConvergenceEncutParallel’, ‘ConvergenceKpointParallel’, ’PhonopyMaster’, ‘DefectFormationEnergy’, ‘LammpsASE’, ‘PipelineMaster’, ’TransformationPath’, ‘ThermoIntEamQh’, ‘ThermoIntDftEam’, ‘ScriptJob’, ‘ListMaster'] """ def __init__(self, path="", user=None, sql_query=None, default_working_directory=False): super(Project, self).__init__( path=path, user=user, sql_query=sql_query, default_working_directory=default_working_directory ) self.job_type = JobTypeChoice() self.object_type = ObjectTypeChoice()
[docs] def create_job(self, job_type, job_name, delete_existing_job=False): """ Create one of the following jobs: - 'StructureContainer’: - ‘StructurePipeline’: - ‘AtomisticExampleJob’: example job just generating random number - ‘ExampleJob’: example job just generating random number - ‘Lammps’: - ‘KMC’: - ‘Sphinx’: - ‘Vasp’: - ‘GenericMaster’: - ‘SerialMaster’: series of jobs run in serial - ‘AtomisticSerialMaster’: - ‘ParallelMaster’: series of jobs run in parallel - ‘KmcMaster’: - ‘ThermoLambdaMaster’: - ‘RandomSeedMaster’: - ‘MeamFit’: - ‘Murnaghan’: - ‘MinimizeMurnaghan’: - ‘ElasticMatrix’: - ‘ConvergenceVolume’: - ‘ConvergenceEncutParallel’: - ‘ConvergenceKpointParallel’: - ’PhonopyMaster’: - ‘DefectFormationEnergy’: - ‘LammpsASE’: - ‘PipelineMaster’: - ’TransformationPath’: - ‘ThermoIntEamQh’: - ‘ThermoIntDftEam’: - ‘ScriptJob’: Python script or jupyter notebook job container - ‘ListMaster': list of jobs Args: job_type (str): job type can be ['StructureContainer’, ‘StructurePipeline’, ‘AtomisticExampleJob’, ‘ExampleJob’, ‘Lammps’, ‘KMC’, ‘Sphinx’, ‘Vasp’, ‘GenericMaster’, ‘SerialMaster’, ‘AtomisticSerialMaster’, ‘ParallelMaster’, ‘KmcMaster’, ‘ThermoLambdaMaster’, ‘RandomSeedMaster’, ‘MeamFit’, ‘Murnaghan’, ‘MinimizeMurnaghan’, ‘ElasticMatrix’, ‘ConvergenceVolume’, ‘ConvergenceEncutParallel’, ‘ConvergenceKpointParallel’, ’PhonopyMaster’, ‘DefectFormationEnergy’, ‘LammpsASE’, ‘PipelineMaster’, ’TransformationPath’, ‘ThermoIntEamQh’, ‘ThermoIntDftEam’, ‘ScriptJob’, ‘ListMaster'] job_name (str): name of the job Returns: GenericJob: job object depending on the job_type selected """ job = JobType( job_type, project=ProjectHDFio(project=self.copy(), file_name=job_name), job_name=job_name, job_class_dict=self.job_type.job_class_dict, delete_existing_job=delete_existing_job, ) if self.user is not None: job.user = self.user return job
[docs] @staticmethod def create_object(object_type): """ Args: object_type: Returns: """ obj = ObjectType(object_type, project=None, job_name=None) return obj
[docs] def create_table(self, job_name="table"): """ Create pyiron table Args: job_name (str): job name of the pyiron table job Returns: pyiron.table.datamining.TableJob """ table = self.create_job(job_type=self.job_type.TableJob, job_name=job_name) table.analysis_project = self return table
[docs] def copy(self): """ Copy the project object - copying just the Python object but maintaining the same pyiron path Returns: Project: copy of the project object """ new = Project(path=self.path, user=self.user, sql_query=self.sql_query) new._filter = self._filter new._inspect_mode = self._inspect_mode return new
[docs] def load_from_jobpath(self, job_id=None, db_entry=None, convert_to_object=True): """ Internal function to load an existing job either based on the job ID or based on the database entry dictionary. Args: job_id (int): Job ID - optional, but either the job_id or the db_entry is required. db_entry (dict): database entry dictionary - optional, but either the job_id or the db_entry is required. convert_to_object (bool): convert the object to an pyiron object or only access the HDF5 file - default=True accessing only the HDF5 file is about an order of magnitude faster, but only provides limited functionality. Compare the GenericJob object to JobCore object. Returns: GenericJob, JobCore: Either the full GenericJob object or just a reduced JobCore object """ job = super(Project, self).load_from_jobpath( job_id=job_id, db_entry=db_entry, convert_to_object=convert_to_object ) job.project_hdf5._project = Project(path=job.project_hdf5.file_path) return job
[docs] def load_from_jobpath_string(self, job_path, convert_to_object=True): """ Internal function to load an existing job either based on the job ID or based on the database entry dictionary. Args: job_path (str): string to reload the job from an HDF5 file - '/root_path/project_path/filename.h5/h5_path' convert_to_object (bool): convert the object to an pyiron object or only access the HDF5 file - default=True accessing only the HDF5 file is about an order of magnitude faster, but only provides limited functionality. Compare the GenericJob object to JobCore object. Returns: GenericJob, JobCore: Either the full GenericJob object or just a reduced JobCore object """ job = super(Project, self).load_from_jobpath_string( job_path=job_path, convert_to_object=convert_to_object ) job.project_hdf5._project = Project(path=job.project_hdf5.file_path) return job
[docs] def import_single_calculation( self, project_to_import_from, rel_path=None, job_type="Vasp", copy_raw_files=False ): """ Args: rel_path: project_to_import_from: job_type (str): Type of the calculation which is going to be imported copy_raw_files (bool): Copy """ if job_type not in ["Vasp", "KMC"]: raise ValueError("The job_type is not supported.") job_name = project_to_import_from.split("/")[-1] if job_name[0].isdigit(): pyiron_job_name = "job_" + job_name else: pyiron_job_name = job_name for ch in list(punctuation): if ch in pyiron_job_name: pyiron_job_name = pyiron_job_name.replace(ch, "_") print(job_name, pyiron_job_name) if rel_path: rel_path_lst = [pe for pe in rel_path.split("/")[:-1] if pe != ".."] pr_import ="/".join(rel_path_lst)) else: pr_import ="/".join(project_to_import_from.split("/")[:-1])) if self.db.get_items_dict( {"job": pyiron_job_name, "project": pr_import.project_path} ): print("The job exists already - skipped!") else: ham = pr_import.create_job(job_type=job_type, job_name=pyiron_job_name) ham._job_id = self.db.add_item_dict(ham.db_entry()) ham.refresh_job_status() print("job was stored with the job ID ", str(ham._job_id)) if not os.path.abspath(project_to_import_from): project_to_import_from = os.path.join(self.path, project_to_import_from) try: ham.from_directory(project_to_import_from.replace("\\", "/")) except: ham.status.aborted = True else: ham._import_directory = None if copy_raw_files: os.makedirs(ham.working_directory, exist_ok=True) for f in os.listdir(project_to_import_from): src=os.path.join(project_to_import_from, f) if os.path.isfile(src): copyfile( src=src, dst=os.path.join(ham.working_directory, f) ) ham.compress()
[docs] def import_from_path(self, path, recursive=True, copy_raw_files=False): """ Args: path (str): recursive (bool): copy_raw_files (bool): """ if os.path.abspath(path): search_path = posixpath.normpath(path.replace("//", "/")) else: search_path = posixpath.normpath( posixpath.join(self.path, path.replace("//", "/")) ) if recursive: for x in os.walk(search_path): self._calculation_validation( x[0], x[2], rel_path=posixpath.relpath(x[0], search_path), copy_raw_files=copy_raw_files ) else: abs_path = "/".join(search_path.replace("\\", "/").split("/")[:-1]) rel_path = posixpath.relpath(abs_path, self.path) self._calculation_validation( search_path, os.listdir(search_path), rel_path=rel_path, copy_raw_files=copy_raw_files )
[docs] def get_structure(self, job_specifier, iteration_step=-1, wrap_atoms=True): """ Gets the structure from a given iteration step of the simulation (MD/ionic relaxation). For static calculations there is only one ionic iteration step Args: job_specifier (str, int): name of the job or job ID iteration_step (int): Step for which the structure is requested wrap_atoms (bool): True if the atoms are to be wrapped back into the unit cell Returns: atomistics.structure.atoms.Atoms object """ job = self.inspect(job_specifier) snapshot = Atoms().from_hdf(job["input"], "structure") if "output" in job.project_hdf5.list_groups() and iteration_step != 0: snapshot.cell = job.get("output/generic/cells")[iteration_step] snapshot.positions = job.get("output/generic/positions")[iteration_step] if "indices" in job.get("output/generic").list_nodes(): snapshot.indices = job.get("output/generic/indices")[iteration_step] if ( "dft" in job["output/generic"].list_groups() and "atom_spins" in job["output/generic/dft"].list_nodes() ): snapshot.set_initial_magnetic_moments( job.get("output/generic/dft/atom_spins")[iteration_step] ) if wrap_atoms: return snapshot.center_coordinates_in_unit_cell() else: return snapshot
def _calculation_validation(self, path, files_available, rel_path=None, copy_raw_files=False): """ Args: path: files_available: rel_path: copy_raw_files (bool): """ if ( "OUTCAR" in files_available or "vasprun.xml" in files_available or "OUTCAR.gz" in files_available or "vasprun.xml.bz2" in files_available or "vasprun.xml.gz" in files_available ): self.import_single_calculation(path, rel_path=rel_path, job_type="Vasp", copy_raw_files=copy_raw_files) if ( "incontrol.dat" in files_available and "lattice.out" in files_available and "lattice.inp" in files_available ): self.import_single_calculation(path, rel_path=rel_path, job_type="KMC", copy_raw_files=copy_raw_files)
[docs] @staticmethod def create_structure(element, bravais_basis, lattice_constant): """ Create a crystal structure using pyiron's native crystal structure generator Args: element (str): Element name bravais_basis (str): Basis type lattice_constant (float/list): Lattice constants Returns: pyiron.atomistics.structure.atoms.Atoms: The required crystal structure """ return create_structure(element=element, bravais_basis=bravais_basis, lattice_constant=lattice_constant)
[docs] @staticmethod def create_ase_bulk( name, crystalstructure=None, a=None, c=None, covera=None, u=None, orthorhombic=False, cubic=False, ): """ Creating bulk systems using ASE bulk module. Crystal structure and lattice constant(s) will be guessed if not provided. name (str): Chemical symbol or symbols as in 'MgO' or 'NaCl'. crystalstructure (str): Must be one of sc, fcc, bcc, hcp, diamond, zincblende, rocksalt, cesiumchloride, fluorite or wurtzite. a (float): Lattice constant. c (float): Lattice constant. c_over_a (float): c/a ratio used for hcp. Default is ideal ratio: sqrt(8/3). u (float): Internal coordinate for Wurtzite structure. orthorhombic (bool): Construct orthorhombic unit cell instead of primitive cell which is the default. cubic (bool): Construct cubic unit cell if possible. Returns: pyiron.atomistics.structure.atoms.Atoms: Required bulk structure """ return create_ase_bulk(name=name, crystalstructure=crystalstructure, a=a, c=c, covera=covera, u=u, orthorhombic=orthorhombic, cubic=cubic)
[docs] @staticmethod def create_atoms( symbols=None, positions=None, numbers=None, tags=None, momenta=None, masses=None, magmoms=None, charges=None, scaled_positions=None, cell=None, pbc=None, celldisp=None, constraint=None, calculator=None, info=None, indices=None, elements=None, dimension=None, species=None, **qwargs ): """ Creates a atomistics.structure.atoms.Atoms instance. Args: elements (list/numpy.ndarray): List of strings containing the elements or a list of atomistics.structure.periodic_table.ChemicalElement instances numbers (list/numpy.ndarray): List of atomic numbers of elements symbols (list/numpy.ndarray): List of chemical symbols positions (list/numpy.ndarray): List of positions scaled_positions (list/numpy.ndarray): List of scaled positions (relative coordinates) pbc (boolean): Tells if periodic boundary conditions should be applied cell (list/numpy.ndarray): A 3x3 array representing the lattice vectors of the structure momenta (list/numpy.ndarray): List of momentum values tags (list/numpy.ndarray): A list of tags masses (list/numpy.ndarray): A list of masses magmoms (list/numpy.ndarray): A list of magnetic moments charges (list/numpy.ndarray): A list of point charges celldisp: constraint (list/numpy.ndarray): A list of constraints calculator: ASE calculator info (list/str): ASE compatibility indices (list/numpy.ndarray): The list of species indices dimension (int): Dimension of the structure species (list): List of species Returns: pyiron.atomistics.structure.atoms.Atoms: The required structure instance """ if pbc is None: pbc = True return Atoms( symbols=symbols, positions=positions, numbers=numbers, tags=tags, momenta=momenta, masses=masses, magmoms=magmoms, charges=charges, scaled_positions=scaled_positions, cell=cell, pbc=pbc, celldisp=celldisp, constraint=constraint, calculator=calculator, info=info, indices=indices, elements=elements, dimension=dimension, species=species, **qwargs )
[docs] @staticmethod def create_surface( element, surface_type, size=(1, 1, 1), vacuum=1.0, center=False, pbc=None, **kwargs ): """ Generate a surface based on the module. Args: element (str): Element name surface_type (str): The string specifying the surface type generators available through ase (fcc111, hcp0001 etc.) size (tuple): Size of the surface vacuum (float): Length of vacuum layer added to the surface along the z direction center (bool): Tells if the surface layers have to be at the center or at one end along the z-direction pbc (list/numpy.ndarray): List of booleans specifying the periodic boundary conditions along all three directions. If None, it is set to [True, True, True] **kwargs: Additional, arguments you would normally pass to the structure generator like 'a', 'b', 'orthogonal' etc. Returns: pyiron.atomistics.structure.atoms.Atoms instance: Required surface """ return create_surface(element=element, surface_type=surface_type, size=size, vacuum=vacuum, center=center, pbc=pbc, **kwargs)
[docs] @staticmethod def inspect_periodic_table(): return PeriodicTable()
[docs] @staticmethod def inspect_emperical_potentials(): return LammpsPotentialFile()
[docs] @staticmethod def inspect_pseudo_potentials(): return VaspPotential()
[docs] @staticmethod def create_element( parent_element, new_element_name=None, spin=None, potential_file=None ): """ Args: parent_element (str, int): The parent element eq. "N", "O", "Mg" etc. new_element_name (str): The name of the new parent element (can be arbitrary) spin (float): Value of the magnetic moment (with sign) potential_file (str): Location of the new potential file if necessary Returns: atomistics.structure.periodic_table.ChemicalElement instance """ periodic_table = PeriodicTable() if new_element_name is None: if spin is not None: new_element_name = ( parent_element + "_spin_" + str(spin).replace(".", "_") ) else: new_element_name = parent_element + "_1" if potential_file is not None: if spin is not None: periodic_table.add_element( parent_element=parent_element, new_element=new_element_name, spin=str(spin), pseudo_potcar_file=potential_file, ) else: periodic_table.add_element( parent_element=parent_element, new_element=new_element_name, pseudo_potcar_file=potential_file, ) elif spin is not None: periodic_table.add_element( parent_element=parent_element, new_element=new_element_name, spin=str(spin), ) else: periodic_table.add_element( parent_element=parent_element, new_element=new_element_name ) return periodic_table.element(new_element_name)
# Graphical user interfaces
[docs] def gui(self): """ Returns: """ ProjectGUI(self)
[docs] def create_pipeline(self, job, step_lst, delete_existing_job=False): """ Create a job pipeline Args: job (AtomisticGenericJob): Template for the calculation step_lst (list): List of functions which create calculations Returns: FlexibleMaster: """ return pipe(project=self, job=job, step_lst=step_lst, delete_existing_job=delete_existing_job)